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5 Reasons You Should Pick Glasses Over Contacts

Contact lenses can be great for when you want to be free of your specs sometimes, but glasses have be relegated to a backup option. It's time to set that straight!

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Women’s Ski Goggle Guide: Hot Looks for the 2017 Ski Season

Ski season started in December and is in full swing. Whether you’re a novice skier or a seasoned pro, ski goggles are a must. Chalet chic is all about mixing sporty style with a feminine touch, and going seamlessly from ski to après ski. With our handy guide, you’ll be ready in no time!

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Lasting love: How to Keep Your Beloved Frames Fresh with Our Reglaze Service

Finding the perfect pair of specs can be a tricky task. Spending untold hours trying on various styles, colours and sized until you find your perfect match. Those special specs that fit just right, feel just right and look oh, so good. Revive your beloved specs with Superdrug Optician's reglaze service.