Sunday Pep Talk #7: Escapism

I’m not sure how to put this week into words or how to do its events justice. Rather than try and fall short, I’ll just say that for some it was upsetting and difficult, and for others it was earth shattering.

I find it difficult to think or talk about events like the one on Monday night, as I’m sure many people do. I avoid the news, I avoid social media and I look for some escapism. I keep myself up to date with the facts, but that is all. That may sound selfish but for me, it is essential.

I’ve previously mentioned self care and touched upon mental health issues and I think the best way to handle these things is to be honest with yourself. If I spent time thinking about all the terrible things that go on in the world, I’d never get out of bed. The reality is that every day is earth shattering for someone in the world, and if I really contemplated that I know I couldn’t cope.

Image source: Deseret News

The fact is that I cannot understand the events of the world, not really. I can’t understand some people’s motivations or thoughts, but I can try to understand myself and those around me.

Through being really honest with myself and facing my shortcomings as much as I can, I feel like I can see where to start improving. I can’t face the news some days, I don’t want to spend hours/days/weeks thinking about a tragedy, I want to escape.

Image source: Lizzthelibrarian

My favourite method of escapism is a good book, which is something I’d forgotten and neglected until this week. This week I made a conscious effort to read more and it was so lovely, I highly recommend it.

This week I read Gone Girl which was brilliant and I’m looking forward to starting my next read. I feels so wonderful to be swept up in the story, to lose track of time and really enjoy a book for a few hours.

So, this week try reading for a little while each day. It doesn’t need to be much, maybe go to bed 15 minutes early and spend that time winding down with a story. I’m sure there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read, that you bought a while ago with the intention of reading, or that someone recommended to you. If not, Gone Girl byΒ Gillian Flynn or The Girl On The Train byΒ Paula Hawkins are brilliant at getting you hooked into the story.

Try escaping to another world to get a bit of peace from this one. Give yourself a break from the news, from the pressures of life, and indulge in a bit of escapism instead.



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