Sunday Pep Talk #3: Belief in Tomorrow

Believing in something is a pretty powerful thing, for better or worse. The world is full of various beliefs, some of which can be harmful while others can be hopeful. I’d like to focus on the latter this week.


I think this quote is pretty wonderful and I’d like to begin baring it in mind more often. So much of my time is spent working on things that will pay off later (fingers crossed), and that’s a lucky position to be in. It can be hard at times to stay motivated to keep believing in, and working on, things that don’t immediately show their benefit. Especially when those things are challenging.

Whether it’s working towards a higher education, working on a project at work or working on a hobby or skill in your spare time, it’s easy to loose sight of the point of it all. So if things are seeming a little bit pointless at times, try to remember that by working towards a long term goal you’re planting your own little garden for you life, and it’ll be so worth it when you see it bloom.

If you need a bit of perspective, try to remember that not everyone gets the opportunity to plan for the future, some people in the world don’t worry about their pension plan or where their careers are going. They don’t get chance to. They’re too busy worrying about more imminentΒ concerns. So if you do have the opportunity to make these plans and goals, that’s a real gift, and it’s one that should be cherished as much as possible.

So rather than looking for instant gratification this week, try working on something that will add to your happiness further down the line. Have a bit of faith in yourself and what you can achieve, and work towards the things that’ll make you proud. Maybe try drawing, even if you think you can’t, try cooking something new, or teach yourself about history or philosophy or biology. Plant those seeds, begin the growth, and make the effort to believe in tomorrow.

Image source:Β thegirlwiththepoppedcollar



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