Sunday Pep Talk #2: Motivation & Anxiety

This week has been a little bit rough for me. I’ve been struggling with anxiety, and the effect it has on my motivation. Which got me thinking about how easy it can be to allow fear to rule your life, and dictate your future.

This week I allowed my anxiety to rule me, and at times to completely crippleΒ my productivity and motivation. I managedΒ to tie myself up in knots by being so scared of failure that I actually set myself back.


I care so much about my performance at university and work, that I get so anxious that I’ll fail. So much so that there’s a part of me that would rather not do anything at all, than risk having to face my inadequacy. Now, that’s a guaranteed way to fail!

It’s very easy to avoid doing the things you enjoy and care about, because you’re scared of failure. It’s easy to allow your fears to decide your future, and stop you achieving your goals.

When you’re feeling anxious, everything can seem like a risk. But life is full of risks and anything worth having doesn’t come easy. So, this week, bare that in mind and try to push yourself to let go of the fear of failure. No one is perfect, no one is good at everything, and a goal isn’t a goal if it doesn’t take some work.

Take the time to believe in yourself and your potential, and see just how much you can achieve. Go get ’em!

Image source: Lifehack



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